Examples of Minimalist House Interior

As an example of a minimalist home interior we deliberately also display in the form of images. The goal is to facilitate you in digging information and inspiration related to the example of a minimalist home interior. Some images that we deliberately presented to you this is an example of a minimalist home interior whose existence is currently very loved and hunted.

In the picture of interior example minimalist house above you can note a family room that can also function as a living room whose existence blends with the dining room. Although the size of the room is not too large, but with the arrangement and use of modern minimalist furniture, making the room can look bigger than the actual size.

Color selection is soft enough to make the room more impressed elegant. Especially from the overall color that is applied also blends with the color of furniture and ornaments of the room that is applied to the design of the room. The result, the room looks beautiful, elegant, simple and efficient. On the other side, of course with a room like this will be much easier for you to do maintenance compared with a room that has a larger space.

Slightly different from the example of the previous minimalist home interior, in this picture you can see an interior design living room that can also be used as a family room with a blend of brighter colors. Blend of orange and green color with a cream color background makes the interior design of this room look more beautiful and bright.

The green and orange colors will also automatically give a touch of tropical feel to the room. Thus, the look of the room will look more fierce and not tedious. Added again on the back side of the sofa, with a background of the green wall, then beautified by planting flowers. Automatically nuances of tropical interior minimalist modern interior more attached.

Other interesting things, this room is perfect for you to use in gathering with family with while watching television broadcast. The look of a fress room will make the feel of getting together with family will be more cheerful and fun.

Not too different from the example of the previous minimalist home interior, modern minimalist interior design drawings also present a bright color combination. The picture difference between the living room and the dining room in one united. Even its existence is relatively close together. But with the use of L-shaped sofa to make the boundary between living room and dining room becomes very firm.

The advantage of using a sofa L shape, which is also known as a corner sofa, this sofa can also be placed as a room divider. Thus eating the use of furniture in the room can look more simple and efficient as you can see in the picture above.