Design Living Room Comfortable and Beautiful

Living room is a room full of prestige, living room is the first room that will be seen by many people and Mistakes in choosing the design of the living room, will certainly give a bad picture for the owner of the house.

Accuracy in choosing the design of the guest room will give its own prestige, Because the election does not directly show the soul and personality of yourself, Especially for the living room, can be regarded as a room that will be seen by all who visit.

In this case I have some examples of living room design with a minimalist theme that you can make as an alternative footing in choosing a living room design for your home.

The main theme with this living room design is minimalist design. Where the use of the room looks very efficient. When considered in the design of this living room, the living room is not just a regular living room, but also can be used as a family room because of its presence that integrates with the kitchen so that its existence is more impressed as multi-function room.

Color selection is applied in the design of this living room, also prefer soft colors so that if the living room is also used as a family room, will give feel of romance and warmth to your family.

Not much different from the previous living room design, this living room design also brings a minimalist design theme thick with modern nuances. Selection of minimalist furniture combined with exotic chandelier make this living room design looks so perfect. In fact, when considered the living room space is quite minimalist and not too big.

Thanks to the use of minimalist-style furniture, such as minimalist L shape sofa, to the guest table used to make this room look bigger than the original size. Another interesting thing, on the other hand you can see the big window. So by sitting on the white sofa, you can see the scenery around you with more flexibility.